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Homemade Desserts

If you are craving for a scrumptious homemade dessert from a quality restaurant, Meme's Kitchen is the place to be! We’re proud to run the best homestyle cooking in Pleasanton, TX. Experiencing a mix of savory flavors and various of meats, seafood, and vegetables, people come from all around to sample the excellent specials on our catering restaurant. Whether you’re craving our finger licking lemon pie or our signature cake, we guarantee all of our famous desserts are made only from the freshest and finest ingredients because you deserve nothing less.

Meme's Kitchen has a wide selection of tasty treats that reflect american cuisine. If you are looking for cheesecakes or other fun desserts, stop by today. If you are looking for try something new, why not try our homemade food and desserts. We are a friendly family restaurant that enjoys good people with good taste. Our menu is filled with tantalizing flavors of great desserts. Want to pair an icy milkshake with your meal? Our restaurant has you covered. Call Meme's Kitchen in Pleasanton, TX today for more information!